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Wicomico County School Board Continues to Sexually Groom Children


The Wicomico County Board of Education has been caught and warned several times regarding their promotion of sex (K-12) throughout the school system, and their efforts to sexually groom minor children in Wicomico County Public Schools continues. The school board members are not letting up, but digging in. Back in March, a parent teacher group exposed the WCBOE's use of sexually-explicit materials in the school system, and the response of the school board was to deliberately rebel against the citizens by continuing their efforts to sexually exploit children. In this past article, we exposed the WCBOE's promotion of rainbow flags and LGBTQ programs throughout the school system to children as young as those in elementary school. If you have not visited the links above, you are encouraged to do so. The two exhibits we are about to show you were gathered over the past few days.

This is a first grade teacher at Prince Street Elementary School promoting "Gay Pride." She even acknowledges: "I know it can be a really touchy subject to talk about in school."

So why did she? She attempts to deceptively and gently introduce the ideas of sexuality to young, impressionable minds through LGTBQ activism in the classroom.

These are fliers posted to the wall in the main hallway at Parkside High School:

All of the incumbent board members are running for reelection. It's up to you the citizen to put an end to this exploitation of children.

-Inspector General



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