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Wicomico County Board of Education Promotes Gay Pride & Allies

September 22, 2021 - WICOMICO COUNTY, MARYLAND

Wicomico County Public Schools and its Board of Education has placed a gay pride flag in the cafeteria of Pittsville Elementary & Middle School to rally members for its gay pride group. Inclusivity, diversity, equity, and identity does not include person's sexual preference for another, which is a psychological behavior. "And Allies" is to use heterosexuals to convince others to endorse the practice of homosexuality and replicate it as an acceptable behavior and option in the name of inclusivity, diversity, equity and identity. Recruitment efforts are underway. They have also placed an implementation guidebook in their school libraries.

A Facebook post marketing the sexual interest group at James M. Bennett High School, not by the student, but by the school in a teacher's personal office.

Respectfully, what a person chooses to do with their life is their own personal business. It's not the business of others, nor do others have to embrace and endorse the homosexual lifestyle.

Those that go out of their way to force their lifestyle and personal desires upon others is sexual harassment and shouldn't be forced upon anyone or tolerated. A person's unwillingness to accept homosexuality is not discrimination or homophobia, which are commonly used accusations to bully someone into submission. "Submit or be canceled" is the group's strategy. Meanwhile, school officials foster a hostile school environment of sexual harassment by turning a blind eye to the sexual pursuit and harassment of students who file complaints (of the ones that do). These gay pride groups know this, and they exploit their subjects because they know that the school system fears a discrimination lawsuit by the perpetrators (gay pride groups).

Likewise, when faculty has the desire to confess their sexual orientation to their students, it's obscene conduct. This is textbook sexual harassment and dangerously inappropriate to flaunt their sexuality before young impressionable minds. Why would minor students need to know what sexual things their teacher practices? Although gay groups encourage this, the school system must not tolerate it in any form or fashion in the workplace. A paid faculty member that supervises or promotes a gay alliance group (during or after school) could be classified as a pedophile or sexual predator by association.

Under the Equal Access Act, a student has the right to form a group. The existence of this group does not meet the conditions of the Act as defined by sections C(2), C(3), C(4), C(5), D(3), D(7), and section F in its operation and conduct.

This club is absolutely school sponsored, including support and promotion by taxpayer funded municipalities. Between the school's effort to promote the club on walls and on social media, they are using staff to market and oversee the operation of the club. These staff members are on the payroll of the school. In addition, external groups mentor a student to first form the group and then controls the group by influencing that student through ongoing support and direction.

Ask yourself three questions:

1. Can't children just go to school and get an education without a sexual agenda?

2. Is this something a child should be seeing in the cafeteria while eating or in the hallway?

3. Why is sexual behavior being promoted by the school and forced upon the students?

There shouldn't even be a heterosexual banner in the cafeteria or on school walls. It is irrelevant and inappropriate. Anything promoting sexual behavior has nothing to do with education. The Wicomico County BOE has greater school issues to deal with other than to be focused on their support of the alternative lifestyle and preferences of the aberrant. Sadly, the school system has only aided and abetted to create a new vulnerable population by catering to this. Respect and dignity must be promoted for all, but this is disrespect for all. Currently, the gay pride and allies club exists in some elementary, middle and high schools throughout Wicomico County. Respectfully, these gay pride clubs established in the schools by gay activist organizations under the guise of a student should be immediately dissolved. No other school club promotes sexuality. Such promotional banners and social media posts should be removed if we wish to achieve solidarity in the community.

-Inspector General

UPDATE: On November 12, 2022 the WCBOE made a decision to reinstate the banners, and Pittsville Elementary have since placed the banners back up and distributed promotional materials with a permission slip.

The teachers sponsoring and overseeing the club are listed on the slip if you wish to email them.



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