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WATCHGUARDS.ORG is an organization that exists to protect the Civil Liberties of all Americans. WATCHGUARDS.ORG is a non-partisan group that will never solicit funds or ask for donations, because the people have already paid a big enough price. Operating for the people by the people, WATCHGUARDS.ORG is a group made up of professionals that specialize in the area of forensic auditing, data analysis, data mining, forensic data recovery, engineering, Information Technology, physics, environmental, Certified Public Accounting, research, investigations, and legal teams who practice both federal and state law. All members work using their God given gifts, with no other agenda but to see the equilibrium of justice upheld, and integrity is maintained within the public domain and established institutions, which includes (but not limited to) K-12 public school systems, state funded colleges, public utility providers, non-profit organizations who receive taxpayer funds, local municipalities, as well as state and federal government agencies.


Standing for the people with the people.

We believe that all citizens are equal (regardless of race, gender, color, heritage, religion, and sexual orientation) and should be able to practice their First Amendment right regardless of their viewpoints - whether we agree or disagree.  We also support healthy debate. Those who attempt to shutdown or violate the rights of others by resorting to acts of violence, anarchy, bullying, cyber terrorism, mobilizing mobs, playing of race cards, production of false evidence, obstruct the public, implementation of social activism agendas using taxpayer dollars, misappropriation of public funds, back-door deals, or pursuit with slander in order to humiliate or assassinate the character of those whom they disagree, will be located, investigated, exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. is looking out for the civil rights of all citizens.


We have discovered that established organizations, municipalities, State offices, politicians, and special interest groups sometimes go out of their way to misinform the public.  We work to expose the absolute truth in all things, so that the public is well-informed and can make their decisions accordingly. It is understood that many are deceived because they simply don't have the information that they are entitled to have access to. We work together to get to the bottom of the issue and will go all the way to the top if necessary. Casting all politics aside, there is an absolute truth in all things. 

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