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Senator Addie Eckard Deceives Constituents With Latest Mailer

June 17, 2022

Back in December, and investigative report was released proving that Senator Addie Eckardt speaks out of both sides of her mouth, depending on the audience. Out from one side, the State of Maryland. Out of the other, a different story before the citizens. This mailer falls short of being truthful, for she has not fought against covid vaccine and mask mandates, but actually contended for it.

As for Parent Rights in education, many parents have reached out regarding concerns with mandates, curriculum, explicit materials, legislation, among other issues in education. It has either been excuses, mocking or crickets. It wasn't until Youngkin won in VA on an educational ticket that the Senator started acting as a groupie trying to jump on the educational bandwagon.

This past article contains the evidence of her double action and talk, completely contradicting the position stated in her mailer. It comes as a surprise that Andy Harris is pictured in the mailer, having been aware of the facts contained in the past article. It is also shocking that Delegate Chris Adams is also pictured, when he's in hot water of his own for misusing the seat for personal gain. The past article is here.

-Inspector General



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