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Senator Addie Eckardt on Vaccine Mandates

December 4, 2021

Did you know that the State of Maryland appointed a Senate Vaccine Oversight Workgroup, where a handful of state senators meet to discuss what's best for the citizens of Maryland when it comes to the Covid-19 injection? The objective of this Workgroup/Committee is to get the entire State of Maryland vaccinated. Having no regard to natural immunity, they discuss unethical ways to bring forth a state vaccine mandate for those who refuse to get vaccinated and it's their last resort. They have even discussed how to identify children that have not been vaccinated, round them up, and coerce students to get vaccinated without parental consent. Senator Addie Eckardt serves on this Vaccine Oversight Workgroup.

Below is a video that you'll want to watch and listen to carefully:

Eckhardt believes that people are receiving misinformation, including board certified physicians. She implied that the rural communities and the large vulnerable population in Wicomico are “uneducated” and not capable of making a decision. She states that misinformation is ramped on the shore, and she does not believe how misinformed parents really are. Eckhardt wants to know how to convince, educate and persuade citizens to be vaccinated. She also tries to justify the jab by trying to draw a parallel to common vaccinations like measles, polio, varicella, etc. as if the Covid injection is like any of these. It's not by far.

Eckardt also reprimands citizens for voicing noncompliance. She doesn't understand why citizens aren't listening to the information she's providing. Aside from citizens, any healthcare professional, including physicians, nurses, first response workers, and health care facilities that believe differently are ignorant and appalling to her.

Just a few days later, she stated that she fights for the citizens in her Senate Vaccine Committee to stop mandates. Very different from what she has said in the committee meetings. She said: "Unfortunately we have parents and elected officials who feel if you get your kids vaccinated you are allowing them to be experiments." Mocking parents will certainly get the job done.

Eckardt is a retired nurse. She talks down to the community and health care professionals as if she is the all-knowing authority on this topic, and she's not. In fact, it's way beyond her scope and level of expertise. People are not stupid, and it's their choice whether or not they want to receive an experimental injection that was formulated in a lab just months ago. For the short time it has been around, it has caused irreversible damage to peoples' heath, has caused mystery illnesses, and even death. You can see the latest COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports, which they don't want you to see. Meanwhile, there's no regard or discussion of natural immunity or people who have already had Covid. To her, they are expected to be injected without question or argument.

In the end, the Covid-19 injection will be mandated, and will be required to attend school in the new year says the Republican Senator. Her actions are clearly in opposition of protecting the civil liberties and personal rights of citizens under the U.S. and Maryland Constitution, which she has sworn to uphold. The Senator is not just standing by and allowing this, but actually conspiring with big government to control and rule over the people. The Maryland Senate Vaccination Workgroup and the state are carrying out an agenda that was planned years ago. A politician cannot play both sides of the court, and she's clearly abusing her seat. You the citizens decide who the senator represents: The Citizen or the Extreme Liberal State?

-Inspector General

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