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Worcester County Board of Education Promotes Marxist Racial Indoctrination


The Worcester County Board of Education has approved and allowed a Marxian Communist banner to be displayed at Pocomoke High School. Some parents see the writing on the wall and some don't. For those who have not, here it is. Displayed on the wall is a deceptive mural that is plastered in the hallway at Pocomoke High School. Each student walks by a sign of divisive militant activism, hatred and threats daily, instead of a message of unity and love. Don't be fooled by the multiple shades and colors of the symbolic fists strategically displayed to deceptively portray some illusion of diversity and unity. Then, they add what sounds like a positive message: "YOUR VOICE MATTERS - SPEAKUP."

It's interesting how a voice suddenly doesn't matter and one is not permitted to speak up if a person disagrees with this over-all message on the wall. They are quickly labeled a racist.

In fact, the term "racist" has become a popular term that is often loosely thrown around and used to attack the character of someone who disagrees in order to shutdown conversation or for the accuser to establish an upper hand over another person. The attitude of "my way or they highway" with derogatory intimidation is unacceptable and is the message behind the wall. will explain the foundation of the clenched fists and how this mural portrays anything but equality, inclusivity, tolerance, respect, diversity, peace and unity.

The clench fists have been used for decades stemming back to Soviet Communism. Repurposed by the Black Panther Party in the 1960's, it has since been revived by BLM in 2020 with a redefined message. Although BLM is identified by most as Black Lives Matter, it's simply a masquerade for the Black Liberation Movement under the Black Nation of Islam under the direction of Louis Farrakahn (an intolerant anti-Semite who wants to overtake and destroy America).

Since COVID-19 came along and created a weakening distraction, extremists found this the optimal window to go in for the kill. George Floyd has been taken advantage of and exploited by the BLM (Black Liberation Movement). They have used a situation to speculate and fuel biases towards others. They're not about the motto they take cover behind, and not about helping black people. They exist to replicate the sentiment of victimhood, accuse white people, vilify the police, and seek to act rebelliously with no accountability or respect for the law. However, it's important to emphasize that lawlessness is irrelevant to color, but race agitators toxically replicate this negativity to others.

Notice what comes 1st in the mural on the wall at Pocomoke High School - a black fist. The objective is black power and supremacy. It's quite simple. Everything else follows thereafter.

The FIST emblem is a Marxist-racial hate symbol that represents all races against Caucasians, including gender identity. There's also a racial hierarchy ranging from left to right, in which black is the highest in rank. The black fist clearly defines a black militant authority.

People are put into classes based on their color. Gender and sexual orientation is presented as a race (although they're not) towards the end of the mural. The gullible who are motivated by sexuality are being used as pawns to advance an irrelevant, divisive race-based movement that will be left out to dry by this militant group in the end. Depending on who you ask, the raised, clenched fist can be interpreted as standing up to a cause, intolerance, harassment, making a demand or a threat.

Supremacy cannot be tolerated in any shape, form or fashion.

Since the beginning of time, conquerors sought to conquer other lands for power and control and this still exists today. There has to be some sort of balance or neutrality, or a line engraved in stone if people are to achieve genuine equality and solidarity. People even argue over what that line is and who gets to decide the fine line. However, there seems to be a wrestling for power and control, because man always wants more, and more is never enough. The Black Liberation Movement will use anything to further their advancement of totalitarian control. They've burned cities, looted, and even destroyed black-owned businesses because they are not about peace - they're about supremacy and implementing Marxism founded by Karl Marx. Seeking to destroy Capitalism, Marxisim cannot exist on it's own - it must be funded. Therefore, Marxism will implode on itself. It doesn't take a genius to see that, but instant gratification blinds people.

It's important that people know their History. Marxists are working overtime to erase History and there are many activist-teachers that fail to teach American History and Civics. American History includes a past that made this country what it is today. This includes black heroes, which are all part of American History. Nobody ever excluded slavery from American History, but Marxists seek to make past slavery an American focal point to be applicable today. They attempt to justify and demand black entitlements and reparations, while turning a blind eye to Muslims who own slaves to this day and throw homosexuals from rooftops in cold blood.

We have overcome so many strides in America, and many have faced sacrifices, carried burdens, and our forefathers fought so we could have what we have today. Unfortunately, many are brainwashed into thinking that America is inherently racist and irredeemably evil by trying to remove documented events that did occur and replacing them with the tales that were never told. This is done in order to change the course of America. Yet, those who think a Marxist society is a great idea really have no clue what it is to grow up under a Communist regime. They have no idea how good they really have it living in America. If they don't like it, there are Communist countries they can move to. If they truly knew, they would run back to the U.S. and beg for mercy and forgiveness. Only a person that grew up under Communism or Socialism can tell that tale, and there are many from Cuba, Russia, Ukraine, China, Germany, India, Venezuela, among other countries that we had the pleasure to meet. They will all tell you how their families fought for their lives to escape the evil, devastation and poverty in a land without opportunity.

Worcester County Board of Education has played into all of this and has pandered to it. The BOE and their administration are deceived to think that there's so much oppression and lack of opportunity in America that they must intervene. Instead of eliminating oppression, the Worcester County BOE is actually creating it and acting as oppressors themselves. This is a school and they have deviated from true education in core subjects to social justice activism.

The raised fist is construed as a threat or intimidation toward students. Ironically, this conflicts with the Worcester County Board of Education's bully prevention policy IV-C-11 and their webpage on the WCPS website devoted to bully prevention that reads:

As for the Worcester County Sheriff's Department, they have grown weak and given in to supporting lawlessness instead of upholding our existing laws. Having a fear of being defunded by officials who are part of the problem, law enforcement has been degraded and ordered to stand down. They are now acting outside of the scope of the law. Perhaps it's politically-safe for a Sheriff to hide his head in the sand and let the enemy come in through the back door. Meanwhile, citizens are vulnerably placed into lawless situations and being illegally forced into doing things against their will. From illegal and unconstitutional mandates to political indoctrination and obscene teaching materials, society is clearly under attack and the citizens need a Sheriff that will step up to the plate and protect them. The longer the Sheriff

avoids the truth and responds in denial, law enforcement will be all the more difficult and possibly even impossible for he and his deputies. The Worcester County BOE surely isn't helping the Sheriff do his job, but only dousing fuel on a fire.

A school hallway of fists is not how you achieve inclusivity, diversity and solidarity. The Worcester County Board of Education should remove this divisive rhetoric immediately, as it conflicts with their anti-bully policies. The Worcester County BOE is creating a hostile school and working environment by allowing and fostering a message of intimidation and harassment. Their focus should not be on political Marxist racial indoctrination, but directed toward providing equal opportunity in education for all students in a safe environment.

Hopefully, you now see the writing on the wall.

-Inspector General



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