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Teachers Union Demands School Districts Not To Reopen Schools

January 3, 2021

Worcester County Board of Education has received an eloquent blackmail letter from the Worcester County Education Association. The Worcester County Board of Education was set to start bringing students back on January 4th, 2021. They were told last night on January 2, 2021 that it wasn’t happening by demand. Upon consensus, this letter was not written after talking to Worcester County teachers. Worcester County’s teachers have been nothing but exceptional, and most of them really want to be back in school. This is clearly political. We can assume that Wicomico County Board of Education also received this letter, as the Worchester County Education Association has the same exact address as the Wicomico County Education Association at 1302 Old Ocean City Road, Salisbury, MD 21804. The letter reads as follows:

From this, we know who is driving the bus. The teachers union has hijacked our schools and elected boards. If we allow this to continue, we won't have any schools. Students will continue to be harmed, and teachers will lose their jobs. This is clearly political. For those who ask about the current COVID-19 positivity rates, UCONN epidemiologists see little evidence of classroom spread of COVID in this study.

There comes a time where enough is enough, and parents need to push back in 2021.

Contact your Board of Education officials and let them know that you understand they are being bullied. Insist that they are not to listen to the union, but to the people that elected them. Let them know not be afraid, and that the people have got their back. We need our elected officials to have our back, as the very reason we elected them. Schools need to be reopen, and we need them open NOW!



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