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Fenix Youth Project Amber Green Deceives Donors with Bed Hypocrisy

January 20, 2023

Fenix Youth Project is a non-profit organization that promotes itself as providing homeless services to the youth. Its director Amber Green is a militant activist that goes around soliciting from donors, organizations and foundations under the guise of meaningful homeless services. She recruits and exploits them with a goal to convert them into social justice activists in exchange for addressing their short term needs. If you have not seen the proof of this along with her threatening demands, read this past article.

There's "bed hypocrisy" where the director believes that unwed couples should be able to share a bed. She rebukes and mocks local shelters that apply conditions on guests sleeping in separate beds and their assignment of separate rooms for males and females if they're not married. Seeing these other organizations as competitors and a threat to her funding, she tries selling her organization's brand of acceptance. Here's a portion of her rant where she's complaining about the rules and conditions of other organizations.

Meanwhile, here's her deceptive solicitation brochure for her homeless youth shelter.

Although these bedding rules look to apply on the surface of her sales pitch, you now know the director won't enforce them. Is this Hypocrisy or Deception? You decide.

-Inspector General



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