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Candidate Spotlight: Bonnie Ennis for Wicomico County Board of Education At-Large


Bonnie Ennis is running for Wicomico County Board of Education at-large. She has been an educator for a total of 44 years in the school system. Since 2015, she's been Supervisor of School Improvement, Accountability, & Strategic Planning.

How have our schools performed on her watch since she began as Supervisor of School Improvement, Accountability, & Strategic Planning? The bottom line: Our schools have not improved to date, and it's not to blame on the pandemic. There has been no accountability and her strategic planning has been ineffective. Remaining below the state average, schools have remained stagnant under her supervision, having a 34% Math Proficiency and 39% Reading Proficiency leading up to the pandemic. It's evidently worse today, while the school has prevented the dissemination of school performance data since 2020 as to not look so bad. Students are being pushed through classes and graduating to be passed off like hot potatoes, without achieving a required level of academic proficiency.

How can an administrator with the title Supervisor of School Improvement, Accountability, & Strategic Planning allow our schools to perform so poorly? Sadly, it's political. Because Ennis is a Progressivist Educator, our students won't improve. Why? Progressive Teaching delivers Common Core paired with political agendas and ideologies through Social Emotional Learning. This attempts to make school interesting by focusing curriculum centered on feelings, interactions, social emotions and perceptions of the students - not upon absolutes. Having been a math teacher up until 2015, she should know better. Under Common Core, 2+2 can equal 5, for as long as a student can explain why they feel 5 is the correct answer. That's impossible, as math is absolute. It is incomprehensible as to why Ennis would cater to this and expect results by maintaining the status quo of underperformance and non-achievement in exchange for a paycheck.

Aren't BOE Seats "Non-Partisan?"

Every seat is partisan. It comes down to whether you want a left-wing candidate, or a conservative in the seat. Bonnie Ennis is a registered Republican. Nevertheless, her associations and alignment with the Democrats and their ideologies demonstrate a different story. She is a member-representative of the liberal Teachers' Union that politically interferes with all aspects of education and she has been endorsed by them. She has also received an endorsement from the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus - a left-wing, radical socialist organization, which promotes indoctrination in the schools. Why would they choose Ennis? Because she does the work of the establishment in the schools. Ennis is pictured below with George Demko, a socialist Democrat who is an at-large candidate.

The question is, what would Ennis do differently if elected to the WCBOE? It is evident that Bonnie Ennis is running to maintain our schools in their current state and to perform the work of the extreme, socialist Democrats. As the voter, you decide if you would like to see our schools continue down a path of Marxist Socialism. If you support that, then Bonnie Ennis and her liberal-progressive companion George Demko are your at-large champions.

-Inspector General



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