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Wicomico High School Teacher Indoctrinates, Blames & Shames Students on Their Vaccination Status


An audio clip of a Wicomico High School Government teacher surfaced, which demonstrates the evidence of indoctrination and Wicomico County Public School's push to discover and bully students into getting vaccinated. This coercion has been discovered since the beginning of school. In a report released by a parent-teacher group, it was reported that students were being vaccinated without parental consent. The same group revealed the state's plan by a Senate Committee to target your children and how to coerce them into the jab in this report.

The clip below is evidence of indoctrination and peer group coercion in the classroom:

This same teacher allegedly pulled students aside and asked them of their immunization status for the record. There are teachers that were given the orders to do this in numerous schools across the county. There are some left-extremist teachers that comply with the order. However, the majority teachers refuse the marching orders and don't talk about it in fear of losing their job.

This is a disgrace and political indoctrination doesn't belong in schools. No matter what you believe, vaccination is a personal health choice. Wicomico County Public Schools and the State of Maryland have absolutely no business to discover the health information of any student, parent, faculty or citizen. By asking the students of their vaccination status (including their family members), many younger students don't know any better and spill the beans and end up on a blacklist. It is important that you talk to your child and educate them to never tell anyone of their health status unless you the parent say it's okay. This is invasive, unethical and illegal. Meanwhile, who will enforce the school system crossing the line? It's ultimately up to the parents to take charge, because the school system is clearly not looking out for your child.

As for the Watch Guards, we are always watching and looking out for you.

-Inspector General



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