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Maryland Berlin Middle School Advertises Transgender Awareness Week


Berlin Middle School allowed students who were directed by activist groups to put up transgender awareness week fliers in the hallways of the school. Transgenderism is defined as relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is opposite the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth. This has created controversy in the schools as a boy could identify as a female and go into a girl's bathroom. We have recently learned of a report in Loudon County, VA where a female student was raped by a male in a bathroom who wore a dress and identified as a female. School officials worked to cover it up.

There are activist groups that exploit and use children to promote sexuality in the schools, and they take advantage of anti-discrimination laws as a mechanism to push forth the agenda past the line of morality. As you can see in the picture above, the flier was hand-drawn by a child. This is done to make it look as though the child is behind it. Seeking allies to partake in the agenda, this kind of mob recruitment is interference, and has no place in the schools.

There's a big difference between anti-discrimination and the promotion of sexuality. Most parents agree across party lines that sexualization of children in school is wrong. Nobody is questioning a student's genitalia or what they do with it. You're either a biological male or a female as identified on a person's birth certificate. Identity and sexuality is personal, and is irrelevant to the public school system. Transgenderism has nothing to do with curricula in core subject matter.

Inclusion of all does not mean that the population must morally accept the transgender culture. All people are to be respected (transgender or not), but the line is crossed when efforts are systematically made to force social acceptance upon others, in attempt to normalize personal sexuality and any associated mental behavior in the school environment. This is molestation and pedophilia for any adult, board member, or faculty member that entertains, partakes and fosters this kind of school environment, without respect of the over-all population - It's disruptive to the learning environment and can place students in danger (as we have seen).

It is reported that there are 1.4 million people that see themselves as transgender in the United States. The general population is 329.5 million living in the U.S. Therefore, 0.42% (less than half of a percent), can be considered transgender if those numbers are accurate. 99.58% of the general student population is completely disregarded, and any expression other than embracing transgenderism is considered hate, homophobia, and intolerance. It's not.

In response to these posters, it was reported that several students tore these fliers down and it created chaos in the school. The school's response and the activist group behind the promotion are quick to label those that tore down the fliers as acts of hate and bullying. School officials fail to ask themselves that perhaps the fliers should have not been put up in the first place. It was the adults that created the disruptive environment with no regard to others' feelings, beliefs, or perceptions of the nearly 100 percent of minor school children. Ignoring the over-all population and forcing them into acceptance (or be cancelled) is bullying and discrimination against those of the general population, and will only make matters worse. This wokeness in the school is the real systemic racism, and is textbook discrimination propagated by the school system. The minority of 0.42% is not the problem, nor is the general population. The problem is the school system and allowing influence from outside activist organizations.

Students are there to learn, not be subjects of sexualization. However, bullying of students should never be tolerated and all must be respected no matter what. We have a civil duty not to provoke each other in society and to keep peace with all. Failure to do so is what fosters discrimination and division, and the school system is ultimately responsible for creating such a school climate.

Inspector General



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