Candidate Spotlight: Leonard Arvi for Wicomico County Board of Education District 3


Leonard Arvi is running for the Wicomico County Board of Education in District 3. He is currently a professor at Salisbury University. Arvi seems to offer different ideas. The question is, how radical is Arvi, his ideas and his radical affiliations? We don't really know who Arvi is, as he doesn't seem to fit the role of the WCBOE to represent the parents of Wicomico County.

Here's a short clip on Arvi answering a question on how to address the education gap. He believes that the school should incentivize students by paying them to read. This is difficult to comprehend, because Arvi makes it sound like students are working for money as a form of Capitalism. In theory, it sounds more like Socialism if society has to pay a student to do something that they should already be doing for the sake of their own personal responsibility: "Play your part in society for a ration, and it will equal output."

Arvi then goes on to address School Safety, a very hot topic today in light of the recent school shooting tragedies. Arvi believes that Wicomico schools should not have armed School Resource Officers, and they could not stop an attacker even if we had them. Watch the short clip below.

Where does Arvi's ideology come from? As a professor at Salisbury University, a liberal arts college, his views and his run for the WCBOE are endorsed by the extreme-left Democratic Socialists of Wicomico County, also known as the "Downtown Machine." Arvi is an Unaffiliated voter with a strong Democratic voting record in the voter registration database.

Arvi also boasts about his investment in the Horizon Program, which is a local development project that lines the pockets of its investors at the expense of the taxpayers. The wrote a report back in December of 2020, which explains the Horizon Program and how it exploits the citizens of Wicomico through tax burdens and gentrification (displacement of low-income citizens). Such financial investors ignored and denied that families with students could potentially rent these units, further stressing the county by having no tax revenue to support the county's appropriation in order to send that child through the county's public school system.

The question is, what would Leonard Arvi do if elected to the board? It is evident that Arvi is a Democrat at heart, and running to advance a left-wing agenda in Wicomico schools. As the voter, you decide if you would like to see our schools advance down a path of leftist extremism. If you support his agenda, then Arvi is your guru.

-Inspector General