Candidate Spotlight: Karin Miller for Wicomico County Board of Education District 2


Karin Miller (D) is running for Wicomico County Board of Education in District 2. She has taught in Wicomico County for 19 years as a member of the NEA/MEA/WCEA Teachers' Unions. She is a progressive Democrat that has been vocal on where she stands.

Endorsed by the Teachers' Union. Endorsement can be found here.

Karin Miller participates in a parade to support her agenda for Wicomico schools.

In support of sexually-explicit materials in the school and available to children as young as elementary school, you will see Miller mocking parents by labeling them as "book banners" after citizens exposed a sexually-explicit book called All Boys Aren't Blue used in Wicomico County Public Schools that depicts the experiences of homosexual acts, step-by-step.

If you did not see the exposure, a parent-teacher group posted it here.

She supports the existing board's retaliation in response to the exposure of sexualized materials and their approval of an activism book for 4th grade ELA called "Ban This Book," a book that teaches children to ignore parents and call them to activism by stealing, lying and uprising against authority through dishonest means.

One thing is that you know what you get with Karin Miller. She is simply a left-wing, progressive-liberal Democrat who is running to advance left-wing socialist extremism in the schools. As the voter of District 2, you decide if you would like to see our schools continue to implement a liberal-Socialist indoctrinating curriculum. If you live in District 2 and are concerned about your child's education, now is the time to elect someone to the BOE who will solve problems in the school, not an activist who uses their position for an agenda to indoctrinate children.

-Inspector General