Candidate Spotlight: George Demko for Wicomico County Board of Education At-Large


George Demko (D) is running for Wicomico County Board of Education at-large. He currently serves as Secretary on the Board of Trustees for the Wicomico County Library. He is 80 years old and has no children or grandchildren in Wicomico County Public Schools.

Attempting to counter parents that simply want a quality education without left-wing extremists exploiting children through their politics, sexualized materials and agendas in the schools, the left-wing establishment wants to label the average parent as "Book Burners, Banners, or Censors" and "Oppressors of marginalized people, racist against authors of color, white supremacists [Caucasian parents] and homophobes." George Demko is a Democrat called by the establishment to the run for the WCBOE. Demko is backed by radical extreme Socialist groups that endorse him, such as the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus, Wicomico Democratic Club and the Teachers' Union. Demko is also alongside the agenda of American Library Association that all work together to push this false political narrative.

Demko is endorsed by the teachers' union and proudly boasts their "poison apple" logo.

George Demko participates in a parade to support his agenda for Wicomico schools.

The question is, what would George Demko do if elected to the board? It is evident that George Demko is simply a Democrat who is put up to run for the purpose on advancing left-wing socialist extremism in the schools. As the voter, you decide if you would like to see our schools continue down a path of a liberal-Socialist indoctrinating curriculum, with disregard to normal morality and ethics. If you are concerned about your child's education, elect someone to the BOE who will solve problems in the school, not use their position for political activism indoctrinating children.

-Inspector General