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Candidate Amber Green Posts Distasteful Ad to Defund Public Safety Right After Deputy Was Shot


On June 12, 2022 a Wicomico Deputy was shot in the line of duty while pursuing a fugitive who passed shortly after his attack. Within an hour of the the suspect being hunted and captured by law enforcement, Amber Green who is a candidate for Wicomico County Council District 1, posted an ad to defund public safety. Green is a militant-activist who has gone around to various events making similar statements and public comments to defund the police. Green has also made other distasteful comments including removal of School Resource Officers from our schools after the most recent school shootings.

This past investigative report will show Green's militant-Marxist ideology and mission to undermine society. She uses extortion and threatens to use force "by any means necessary" if she doesn't get what she wants. The video of her statement is included in the report.

Green's efforts have been funded by the state and municipalities through her non-profit called the Fenix Youth Project. Wicomico County's Local Management Board includes Councilman/VP Ernie Davis (candidate for County Executive). The LMB along with John Psota (acting County Executive), have both approved funding and supported her efforts through county government.

Seeking to use her seat to fund her local non-profit activism, do the people of District 1 really want a militant-activist to represent them? There are a lot of citizens who are not onboard with her Marxist message of the black liberation movement, social justice uprising, and the promotion of lawlessness. Most people seek societal unity, peace, and order - not division, anarchist-extremism, and turmoil.

-Inspector General

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