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Bio-Weapon Conspirators

December 1, 2021

Our government is corrupt, as it has conspired to commit illegal acts with many conspirators.

The “experimental vaccine” was planned in 2015 by multiple conspirators. In 2015 at a National Academy of Sciences meeting Peter Daszah stated the following: “Until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present and an emergency threshold it is often largely ignored. To sustain funding base beyond crisis, we need to increase public understanding of the need for medical counter measures, (MCMs) such as pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process.” This quote was published in February 2016 in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In 2008 The World Health Organization said Corona virus was eradicated. Therefore, it is a mystery as to why at a National Academy of Sciences meeting in 2015 would say that we need the world to accept a pan-coronavirus for a virus that didn’t even exist.

On September 18, 2019 there was a statement made and published where the WHO said that by September 2020 we were going to have “an accidental or voluntary release of a respiratory pathogen global simulation so that we could actually get the world to accept a universal vaccine.”

The very next day on September 19, 2019, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on modernizing influenza vaccines in the United States to promote national security and public health. The executive order directs BARADA, CDC, NIH, and FDA to accelerate the adoption of improved influenza vaccine technologies. In alignment with the goals of the executive order, NIAID is constructing and supporting research to develop state-of-the-art vaccine platform technologies that could be used to develop universal influenza vaccines as well as to improve the speed and agility of the influenza vaccine manufacturing process. These platform technologies include DNA, messenger, RNA [MRNA], virus-like S particles, vector-based and well-assembling NANO particle vaccines. For example, NIAID supported scientists are investigating an mRNA vaccine candidate that would allow for a more rapid and flexible response to both seasonal and pandemic influenza compared to existing vaccine production.

Beginning in 1990, Pfizer filed the first Corona virus vaccine patent on canine Corona virus vaccine. The vaccine was the S1 spike protein which is a bio-weapon. It is a protein sequence derived from the model of the Coronavirus and it is a bio-weapon, not a pathogen. We need to stop calling this a vaccine and start calling it what it is - a bio-weapon.

The penalty for a bio-weapon is life in prison from our very own US Code 18, section 175. Whoever knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains or possesses any biologic agent, toxin or delivery system for weapon use OR knowingly assists a foreign state or any organization to do so or attempts, threatens or conspires to do the same shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or both.

The S1 spike protein is not from nature, it has been amplified and it is a weapon. In 1999 Fauci decided to use that particular protein sequence as a vaccine vector. He asked Ralph Baric from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to make an infectious replication defective clone. That means amplify the harm to humans because it was made more lethal, than patented in 2002. This bio-weapon was built in 1990, perfected in 1999, patented in 2002 and deployed against humanity in 2002 which gave birth to the first outbreak of SARS.

The company Anser is the single largest contractor in this entire Covid terrorism campaign. The companies you think are running the show are just the front organizations; Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Ridgeback and Gilead Sciences. The companies that received the money through Operation Warp Speed are Anser, Vaccine Marketing, Gotham Data Tradking and Publicis HHS IT. The prime contract for Operation Warp Speed went through Anser a company nobody has ever heard of. The reason you’ve never heard of them is because the contract was signed with ATI, a company based in South Carolina. This is a company whose history has been government defense contracts for the purpose of propaganda.

There are things in the 1986 and 2005 Prep Act that shield manufacturers from liability. Inside both acts there’s a clause that presents a problem for them in that any actions taken in order to declare a state of emergency. Anything that's part of a willful misconduct or criminal felony conspiracy, the liability shield is broken and the manufacturers are liable for every injury and death. This is why they ran everything through Operation Warp Speed, which is a insulator and cover-up.

Think back to the Bhopal disaster when hundreds of thousands of people were killed in India. Chemical corporations would set up holding companies that actually did the asbestos deals. When someone actually died and got sued, they bankrupted the shell company. Anser is the way for the federal government never to be liable for the criminal conspiracy they know to have been running. Anser is now one of the top 10 contractors in history above Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Why is it we don’t know the name of the highest single year rise by Covid in the history of federal contracting? Anser Corporation is running Operation Warp Speed and they’ve been setup to shield manufacturers from taking the financial liability for their unlawful misconduct. When people go to hold these companies liable, they will say "it wasn’t us," and they will be absolutely right.

Fors Marsh is the branding agency that branded Covid. They’re the ones that made sure we found hospitals overrun with people and kids with Covid that died right before the FDA needed to vote on giving kids injections. They are the ones who go around the world and make sure they drill the same message, “We will not return to normal until we have a vaccine.” So now you know FORS MARSH is where MSN’s talking heads get their script.

Have you heard of Palantir? Peter Thiel who ran a company lost 200 million dollars plus every year for about seven or eight years. His plan was to be able to go public in the middle of Covid. How does a company who loses billions of dollars go public in the middle of the worst economic cycle we’ve ever had? You didn’t read their public offering, because there wasn’t one. They went public from the backdoor selling founders stock into the market. They became personally enriched by using the public market as a laundering facility. Palantir came up with Gotham Data Tracking which is responsible for that friendly reminder every time you turn on your phone. Have you had your “bio-weapon” vaccine yet? The constant annoying alerts on social media asking if you’ve taken the Covid survey. It monitors your phone, all your transactions, credit cards, health behavior, vaccine status, etc.

Publicis Sapient HHS IT is responsible for consolidating all the data. Therefore, everyone has the same Covid cases for the media to report. All of this is being done while being distracted by cover story after cover story, as many have failed to see what’s really happening underneath the surface.

Additional co-conspirators are as follows: UNC Chapel Hill and Ralph Baric’s Chimera Lab who actually made the weapon. Since 1999, he has received over a hundred million dollars to weaponize the particles of Corona virus. We were distracted by the $3.7 million dollars going to Wuhan. Therefore, we didn’t hear anything about over 28 million of that coming from DARPA for their bio-weapons initiative. Has anyone heard about the 28 billion dollars that went through Fauci NIAID or the 28 million that went directly to UNC Chapel Hill to weaponize the spike protein? You haven’t heard about any of this because we’ve been distracted talking about $3.7 million dollars going to Wuhan. WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND STOP BEING DISTRACTED BY THE COVER STORIES!

The companies that made the most money from federally granted disclosed money that went into the University sector was UNC Chapel Hill - Ralph Baric, Vanderbilt, Emory, Johns Hopkins and the University of California System. These companies are considered to be co-conspirators even though they’ve been justifying all of this in the name of science and education (just like Oppenheimer justified working on the atomic bomb). The reality is, if he was such a great nuclear physicist, he should have been intelligent enough to know the difference when he got to the point of critical mass and detonation charges.

These people are pretending to hide behind working on academic research projects to get out of the bio-weapons definition. The bio-weapon definition says if you enable a foreign entity to build something known to harm humanity, that you have already created the felony and you are going to jail the rest of your life. You are liable for a hundred million dollars in penalties. Therefore, all five of these Universities are felons.

The co-conspirators who came up with mind controlling and programming humanity on how many people were going to die were: MIT, New York University Langone (Ken Langone), DZIF (Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten), Imperial College, IHME the University of Washington Program and Erasmus Medical Center, Bart Haagmans.

In 2002, Bart Haagmans figured out how to build a several patents around the vaccines for Corona virus. Mysteriously the European Union in 2012 started giving him massive grants to run something called Zapi. Zapi was the Zoonotic disease transmission laboratory for the European Union. Bart seemed to always get money and he’s also the one who decided to patented MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome). The interesting thing about this is the Erasmus Medical Center was confronted with their lie in a public statement. They said that they had not filed a patent on the actual genome and they gaslighted everyone by saying what they said was not false in all jurisdictions in the world.

A name you’ve probably never heard of is Dustin Moskovitz. He is actually the co-founder of Facebook who has paid every search engine to keep his name out of every search engine. He funded Open Philanthropy and conveniently shrouded this entire public health care crisis in a self-serving investment objective. He owns Sherlock Biosciences, which is the company that owns the CRISPR technology which is a joint venture between the US and China on gene editing the human genome. Dustin Moskovitz knew that if he actually took this technology into the public nobody would go for it. Especially since it’s between him and the government of China, It feels sort of like Eugenics, because it is Eugenics. What we have is a technology that uses gene editing, and the only way we could get gene-editing technology approved was through an emergency use authorization. Once everyone was distracted, Sherlock Biosciences slipped their emergency use application into the FDA and got it. While using the cover of Covid, the human genome was approved while none of us knew anything about it.

There was no lab leak - this was the willful weaponization of a spike protein and wages war against humanity. We need to start calling things what they are and stop taking their bait. We need to stop arguing with one another, come together for the greater good and demand accountability.

Additional co-conspirators who have the real control are the following: Black Rock, AXA, The International Monetary Fund, HSBC, ICBC and United Health Care. United Health Care is a corrupt organization and it is actually the most manipulative corporate structure known to humanity. It matches life insurance and other products with the delivery of healthcare to give you the illusion they’re managing your health, but what they really doing is betting against the timing of your death. They combined two things together in order to manage your life to time your death and profit on both.

All the evidence of all the crimes that are being committed by all these perpetrators is being released. Communities are being built to make sure every individual can take action against all these organizations and institutions to make sure they’re held accountable financially for the things that they’ve done. The reality is there are many who have already been injured and we the people are being tasked with being accountable to the families to those who have injured.

It’s time for “We the People” to stand up to these mass murders and stop complying with the criminal agenda and demand justice for these crimes against humanity.

Inspector General

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